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About us

The department came into existence in 1963. Presently it has independent building in Mahatma Jyotiba Phuley Educational Campus of Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj, Nagpur University,  Nagpur.

Built up area: 571.74 sq. m.

Courses Available

  • M. A. (Psychology)
    Two years degree course (M. A. I & M. A. II)

  • Ph. D. (Psychology)
    Research degree.



Consists of course contents for each academic year course i. e.,
M.A.I & M. A. II separately.
*M.A. I :? There are, in all, Five papers -- four (4) theory papers and One (1) practical. Four theory papers (core-courses) carry seventy five (75) marks each and the 5th one - practical carries hundred (100) marks.

The papers details include –
1. Core Course – I : Advanced General Psychology
2. Core Course – II : Research Methodology and Psychological Testing
3. Core Course – III : Personality Development.
4. Core Course –IV: Intervention and the Challenges of Societal
5. Practicals - : Consists of five (5) experiments, five (5) testings, seminar
presentation, and test evaluation and presentation.

*M.A. II :?
There are, in all Five papers -- four (4) theory papers of seventy five (75) marks each and one (1) practicum of hundred (100) marks in each optional area chosen by the student(s).
Students can choose any one of the following ‘three’ areas known as:
1. Stream A: Clinical Psychology
2. Stream B: Organizational, Personnel and Business Psychology
3. Stream C: Counselling Psychology.

Paper details for each specialization separately:


Clinical Psychology

Organizational, Personnel
and Business Psychology

Counselling Psychology.

Paper I: Psychopathology

Paper I: Management of Personnel and Human Resources

Paper I: Career Guidance And Counselling

Paper II: Psychodiagnosis

Paper II: Organizational Behaviour

Paper II: Special Areas of Counselling

Paper III: Counseling and Psychotherapeutics

Paper III: Consumer Behaviour

Paper III: Assessment in Counselling and Guidance

Paper IV: Health Psychology, Community Mental Health and Medical Psychology

Paper IV: Organization Development

Paper IV: Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Paper V: Clinical Psychology Practicum

Paper V: Industrial Psychology Practicum

Paper V: Counselling Psychology Practicum






Admissions Eligibility 

B. A. (With Psychology as one of the optional subjects),
B. Sc. (Science Faculty),
Additional B. A. in Psychology






Faculty Profile


Dr. R. V. Khubalkar
Reader (CAS) & Head
M.A.( Ind.Psy.); M.A.II (Addl. Clin.Psy.); Ph.D. (Psy.): A.D.P.C.(Psy. Couns.)

Residence / Mailing address
Lokmanya flats, Tilaknagar, Nagpur – 440010. (M.S.), India.
e-mail :-;
Telephone No. :- (0712)-541108,527685 (R) & 500084(O)

Academic Qualifications
B.A with Psychology in (Higher) II Division, Nagpur University, 1975.
M. A. (Guid & Couns., & Ind. Psy., & Personality, & Psychological Testing) in I Division,
Nagpur University, 1977.

M. A. II (Addl.) in Clinical Psychology in I Division, Nagpur University, 1984.
ADPC (Adv, Dip. In Psyl. Couns.) in I Division, IHCA (Institute of Health Care & Adm.,
Chennai), 2000.

Ph. D. Psycho-Social Factors & Hypertension,* Nagpur University, 1992.

Other Specialized Courses/Diplomas/Certificates

• “ One Star” Merit Certificate in the National Physical Efficiency Tests (Juniors).
1966 by Government of India, Ministry of Education.
• A short-term course in computer programming for scientists and engineers on
numerical analysis and fortran programming, VRCE (Visewsarrayya
Regional College of Engineering), Nagpur, 1988.
• A short term course in Application of PC-Module I at Inter-Institutional Computer
Center, Nagpur University, Nagpur.
• Certificate course in photography, Hobby work shop, Nagpur University, Nagpur,
• Certificate course, Aasan Prashikshan, Aasan Pravesh Janardanswami Yogabhyasi
Mandal, Nagpur , 1993.
• Adventure Youth Camp, Nainital-Sri Aurobindo Education Society, SAA-Delhi
Branch- 2000.

Teaching Experience

Post Graduate Level: since nineteen eighty six - Department of Psychology, RTMNU.

Teaching Positions

Lecturer in Psychology: Department of Psychology, RTMNU 1986-1992
Senior Grade Lecturer: Department of Psychology, RTMNU 1992-1998
Reader (CAS): Department of Psychology, RTMNU 1998-2004
Reader (CAS) & Head: Department of Psychology, RTMNU 2004-

Work In RTMNU as a Member

Board Of Studies in Psychology
Faculty of Social Science

Research Guidance:

Guided so far more than hundred small research projects at M. A. Level
A few titles of the research projects completed during last three years?

• Comparative Study of Vippassana Meditators and non-meditators on higher conscious experiences, anxiety, personality and modes of reactions to frustration –2004-2005

• Progressive Relaxation and its effect on anxiety, depression, and the level of consciousness 2004-2005.

• Jyoti Dhyan and higher level experiences, anxiety, and frustration. 2004-2005.

• Study of occupational stress general neuroticism among short-term employees of Mahindra and Mahindra, Nagpur. 2006

• Study of occupational job satisfaction and anxiety among short-term employees of Mahindra and Mahindra, Nagpur. 2006

• A comparative study of Intelligence, Interest areas and aptitudes between successful and unsuccessful students of S. S. C. 2006

• A study of Intelligence and personality factors of successful and unsuccessful students of S. S. C. 2006

• A comparative study of Adjustment, Interest, and Anxiety among the students of corporation school and private school. 2006

• A Comparative study of General Intelligence and Problem areas between corporation and private school. 2006

• A Study of Anxiety and Job Satisfaction among Engineers working in MSEC Ltd. And Irrigation department. 2006

• Study of Job Satisfaction, Emotional Maturity among Engineers working in MSEC Ltd. And Irrigation department. 2006

Ph. D. Supervisor, Nagpur University, Nagpur.

A few Titles of the topics

• Intelligence, Academic Performance, Co-morbidity and Impact of Child-Rearing Practices in Hyperkinetic children.
• Psychological Morbidity, Personality Dynamics, & Familial Aspects of Mild Mental Retardation
• Psycho-Social Dimensions of Beta-Thalassaemia
• Psychodynamics of Ragging.
• Bio –Types and Diabetes Mellitus.
• A Psycho-Social Dimension of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
• Rheumatic arthritis and bio-types

Professional Training and Clinical Experience

  1. Dealt with around 10,000 Psychiatric cases. Department of Psychiatry (Medicine), Kasturba
    Hospital, M.G.I.M.S. (Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences), Sevagram.

  2. Consultant Psychologist: Centre for Behavioural Research and Consultancy Services (CBRCS), Department of Psychology, Nagpur University, Nagpur.

  3. Consultant Psychologist, ‘Hitguj’ Family Counselling Centre, Bharatiya Stree Shakti.
    Since 1995.

  4. Item writer Test development – government and non-government organization.

Other academic distinction acquired
---- ---- ----
*] Ph.D. thesis has been purchased by ICSSR documentation center, New Delhi.
*] Trend setting/forerunner research related to CA Breast rehabilitation.

Additional Information
Promotion of Psychological Health and Scientific Thinking:

*Editor “Vidnyan Vihar” / foKku fogkj ¼eq[ki= & Science Journal) - 1997 – 2002.

*Secretary, Sri Aurobindo Society (Pondicherry)- Nagpur Centre- MC-25.

*Contributed articles of Public interest related to mental health in News Papers.

*Delivered talks of Public interest related to mental health on AIR (All India Radio, Nagpur) &
T. V. Doordarshan, Nagpur Talk Show: Vedha Bhavishyacha

* Contributed as resource person at various Government and Non-government organizations

Delivered (more than50) lectures On: Stress Management/Tan tanav Yyavasthapan
and Vippasana, Relaxation, Counselling skills, Meditation etc.
(*Rotary Club, Schools, NGOS, *Public Health Institute, Govt. of Maharashtra, Nagpur, *IAS coaching centre, *N.L. Rao Co-Operative Training Centre, Nagpur, *The Maharashtra Rajya Sahakari Sangh, Pune, Zilha Sahakari Board Ltd. Nagpur., *Apang va Niradhar Bahuddeshiya Kalyankari Sanstha, Nagpur *Study Circle, Dharampeth college, Nagpur, Dhananjayrao Gadgil Sahakari Prabandhan Sansthan, Navin Nandanvan, Nagpur, *Marathi Vidnyan Parishad, Nagpur, *Bharatiya Stree Shakti, Prahar, Academic Staff College, Nagpur University, Nagpur, Veterinary University, Nagpur etc.)

Innovations and Contributions
*Developed Psychological Tool for research and clinical use) (SSRQ/{SRQN}-Self Reporting Questionnaire
of Neuroticism, MEC, IDMR etc.
*Developed meditation technique: IM on Peace (Integral Meditation on Peace)


LIFE MEMBER: Psycho-Linguistic Association of India.

  • Indian Science Congress

  • IACP (Indian Association of Clinical Psychology)

  • IPA (Indian Psychological Association )

  • EkjkBh ekul’kkL= ifj"kn

  • Medico- Psychological Research Society – The Mind
    Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, Nagpur Centre –MC-25, Nagpur.

  • EkjkBh foKku ifj"kn

Under Own Name

  • Khubalkar, R. An approach to hysterical aphonia: a case report. Indian Journal of
    Clinical Psychology, 10, 113-114, 1983.

  • Khubalkar, R. Study of Psycho Social factors in relation to non-compliance behaviour
    in accepting surgical sterilization from rural Vidarbha: some observations. Journal
    of Psychological Researches, 35 (2), 125-132. 1991.

  • Khubalkar, R. Brief therapeutic approach to hysteria: for rural patients. The Mind,
    XIX (2 & 3), 1-19, 1993.

  • Khubalkar, R . Dhat Syndrome, some observations from rural Vidarbha. Journal of
    Personality and Clinical studies, 14 (1-2), 75-79, 1998.

  • Khubalkar, R. SSRQ (Simple Self-Reporting Questionnaire) Published in Third
    Handbook of Psychological and Social Instruments, 11A(11): P-49.

    -- on internet during 2002 – 2004. http// )
    ** Currently Paper Summary available:

  • Khubalkar, R. and Gupta, O.P. Psychodynamics of koro. Indian Journal of
    Psychiatry, 26 (2), 180-181, 1984.

  • Chabra, S., Jajoo, U., Wagh, R., Khubalkar, R. Gupta, O.P., and Jain, A.P. Attitude
    towards sterilization. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 16, (4), 127-130, 1985.

  • Khubalkar, R., Gupta, O.P., Deshmukh, V., and Joel, P.K. A case of stereotyped
    repititive movement movements. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 29, (3), 287-289,

  • Khubalkar, R. & Khubalkar, M. Mastectomized Indian Women, Psychological
    Sequalae and Dynamics of underutilization of Prosthesis, Indian Journal of Cancer,
    Vol. 36, June, 120 – 126,1999.

Papers Presented and Conferences/ Seminars Attended/ Organized

  • An observatory study of dhat symdrome. Accepted, XVI Annual Conference of Indian
    Association of Clinical Psychologists and National Seminar on youth and Mental
    Health (UGC), 1986.

  • Brief therapeutic approach to hysteria: for rural patients. National seminar on
    Intervention strategies for Human Resource Development, Bombay, 1990.

  • Neuroticism in wives of ex-alcoholics and non-alcoholics. National Seminar on Drug
    De-addiction and Rehabilitation. Vallabh Vidyanagar, 1991.
    Papers Presented and Conferences/ Seminars Attended/ Organized: contd c3) -----

  • Assessment of intelligence in children, speaker, participated in discussion, symposia, N
    S I (Nutrition Society of India), Nagpur chapter, L I T (Laxminarayan Institute of
    Technology), Nagpur, 1972.

  • Attended and participated in organizing seventh session of Marathi Manasshastra
    Parishad, Department of Psychology, Nagpur University, Nagpur, 1993.

  • Role of life stress events in breast cancer, paper accepted 31st National Conference of
    IAAP (Indian Association of Applied Psychology), Jalgaon, 1994.

  • Organized and conducted discussion session workshop or ßeqykaP;k orZu leL;kÞ &
    ekul’kkL= foHkkx vkf.k ejkBh foKku ifj"kn] ukxiwj & Qsczqokjh] 1996-

  • Behaviour problems in children. International conference on current Trends In
    Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Family Intervention. NIMHANS, Bangalore, 1997.

  • Mantrikanchya Upachar Paddhati aani Vyaktimatwa-ghatak (Therapeutic strategies and
    Personality factors of Psuedo therapists), Marathi Vidnyan Sammelan, Nagpur, 1998.

  • Personality profile of spouses of women suffering from cancer of cervix, Marathi
    Vidnyan Sammelan, Nagpur , 1998.

  • Shame as one of the behaviour modification techniques in chronic case of Thumb
    Sucking. Paper accepted at Conference of Indian Association of Clinical
    Psychologists, Trissure, 1998.

  • Personality, neuroticism, and stressful life events in women suffering from cancer of
    cervix and their cancer free spouses. 3rd International Seminar on Psycho-social
    Oncology, TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai, 1998.

  • Personality study of mothers of Thumb-sucking children. National Conference on
    Understanding Human Behaviour, Dept. of Psychology, Nagpur University,

  • Parents problems of M.R.children: Preliminary observations. R.Khubalkar &
    P.Gaharwar. Paper Presented by the latter at National Conference on Research in
    Clinical Psychology, New Delhi. 1999.

  • Integrated Meditation for women with Breast Cancer. Speaker symposia Alternative
    non-conventional therapies of cancer. International Breast Cancer Conference,
    ACADEMIC, Breast Cancer in the New Millennium, 2000, Nagpur.
    ? Organized and Participated ƒ ys ejkBh foKku laEesyu] e-fo-Ik- ukxiwj foHkkx] ukxiwj] ƒ‹‹Š
    ? Organized and Participated …† os ejkBh foKku laEesyu] e-fo-Ik- ukxiwj foHkkx] ukxiwj] ƒ‹‹‹
    ? Organized and participated “5th Convention of Sri Aurobindo Society”, Maharashtra State, 11th and 12th November, 2000.
    ? Organized and Participated, Seminar on Emotional Intelligence and Personal
    Successes, ICSSR & Dept. of Psychology, N.U. Nagpur, 27th February, 2002.

    presented at “National Conference on Yoga and Indian Approaches to Psychology”,
    Pondicherry, 29 Sept.- 1 October 2002, Paper Summary available at Internet –
    http// )

  • MEDITATION AND RELAXATION’ (Where Does the Difference lie?)’ Paper
    presented at “National Seminar on Indian Psychology and its Implications on
    Various Fields of Life” Dhule, 31 January –1 & 2 February, 2003
    Papers Presented and Conferences/ Seminars Attended/ Organized: contd c3) -----

  • National Seminar/Conference On Self and Personality in Yoga and Indian Psychology, Jointly
    organized by Institute for Human Science & Service and Institute for Yoga & Consciousness,
    Andhra University, Vishakhapatnam, 9 – 10 December, 2003.

  • Conducted workshop on Behavior Modification and Counselling Skills: CRE (Continuing
    Rehabilitation Education) – as a part contribution to workshop on ‘Recent trends in
    Prevention, Intervention & Rehabilitation Children – with specific reference to M.R.)

  • Effects of “Integral Meditation on Peace” (IM on Peace) on Anxiety, Higher–level
    conscious experiences, Introspective Reports, and Pulse Rate in Young Non-
    regular Meditators”. Papers accepted: International Seminar On Integral Yoga
    Psychology Pondicherry, India , 26-27 June 2004.

  • Spiritual Psychology -Experiential Psychology: A New Force of the New Millennium
    (Integral Approach to Education and Life)” ? Papers accepted:International Seminar On
    Integral Yoga Psychology, Pondicherry, India, 26-27 June 2004.

  • Psycho-physiological effects of Integral Meditation. This is the abstract of a paper presented at the National Conference on Indian Psychology, Yoga and Consciousness, organised by the Indian Council of Philosophical Research at the Sri Aurobindo International Centre for Education, Pondicherry (India), 10-13 December 2004. Paper Summary available at Internet – http// )

  • “Personality, Modes of frustration and life satisfaction of employed and non-employed women in Ismaili community”. Paper presented at 31st National Conference of Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists at Coimbtore,T.N. Jan 2005 by Tambekar, P. Rana. R. & guide - Khubalkar, R.

Currently Working onCancer
Psychophysiology of Integral Meditation on Peace

Other Publication: Scientific Articles:






Research Activity/Specialization

  • Clinical Psychology

  • Organizational, Personnel, Business Psychology

  • Counselling Psychology.